The Penn Valley Fire Protection District responded to 1,356 calls for service in 2014. Of those 934 were medical incidents which comprised 69% of our total calls for the year. We responded to some 45 fire incidents with a total loss in 2014 of $2,678,928 from fire. The majority $2.4 million of that dollar loss was in one incident when the 18,000 sq. ft. Penn Valley Community Church was destroyed by fire.
          During the 2014 fire season our personnel worked 1,646 hours assisting on numerous wildland fires in Northern California by providing coverage as Line Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT), Line Paramedics, Medical Unit Leader and Strike Team Leader. The Statewide Mutual Aid system allows us when we have personnel available to respond to State and/or the Federal agencies who will reimburse the District for our costs. Our personnel can then help out other communities in the state, while gaining valuable experience working on major incidents to better serve our community.
          In 2014 we purchased a new four wheel drive ambulance with some of the latest safety features to make it a safer for patients and Paramedics on the trips to the hospital. Much of the cost of this new ambulance was through the generous support of the Penn Valley Fire Departments Auxiliary which operates a Thrift Shop. The Auxiliary operates the Thrift Shop using volunteers and donates proceeds to the District’s Building and Equipment Fund. Last year the Auxiliary donated $102,500.
          We receive financial support as well from the Penn Valley Firefighter’s Association. The Firefighters Association continues to expend funds towards district projects such as exercise equipment, other emergency equipment and upgrades to the facilities.
          The Penn Valley Firefighter’s Association manages the monthly breakfast (3rd Sunday of every month, 7:30 am to 11:00 am, all you can eat for $8.00).  Proceeds from the breakfast are used to provide scholarships to our firefighters and interns.
          In 2014 the Board considered some different administrative options and chose to remain as a stand-alone fire District. The District is continuing to as cost effective and efficient as possible with your tax dollars. Be assured the Board members will not make any changes without the opportunity for public input and make sure our citizens receive the best possible emergency services resources will allow. 
          We cherish the support we receive from the Penn Valley community.  We appreciate your input and we are always looking for ways to improve what we do.  If you have suggestions, comments, concerns or questions, please contact me at 432-2630 or e-mail me at

Thank you,
Don Wagner
Fire Chief